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About Us

Our Legacy

Established in 1989, Compcare has been deeply rooted in the community of Bearsden. For over three decades, we've been more than just a domiciliary service. We are a commitment, a promise, and a legacy of providing unparalleled care to those in need. Our journey began with a vision to make a difference locally, and today, we're proud to be a household name in Bearsden, known for our unwavering dedication to quality care


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Our Mission & Values

From the very beginning, our mission has been clear and unwavering: to provide personalized, compassionate care that enhances the lives of our clients. We understand the value of home and community, and our services are designed to support individuals in familiar settings, ensuring comfort, dignity, and well-being


At the heart of Compcare lies an unwavering commitment to integrity. For us, this isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. Every interaction, every service, and every decision is made with the utmost honesty and accountability. This means clear communication, honouring commitments, and always prioritising our clients’ best interests. When you choose Compcare, you’re choosing a partner steadfast in its principles.


Understanding and compassion are pillars of our approach. We recognise that every individual is on a unique journey, with distinct needs and feelings. Our team is trained not just in the technical aspects of care but also in the art of empathy. We take the time to listen, to understand, and to be there for our clients, ensuring they feel valued, heard, and understood.


Settling for second best isn’t in our nature. At Compcare, we’re driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. This means constantly refining our methods, staying abreast of the latest in care practices, and always welcoming feedback. Our aim isn’t just to provide care, but to offer the very best care. It’s this dedication to excellence that has marked us as a trusted name in Bearsden for over three decades.


Bearsden isn’t just a place for us; it’s home. Since our foundation in 1989, we’ve been firmly anchored in this community, forging relationships, backing local initiatives, and playing a pivotal role in the fabric of this locale. Our clients aren’t merely clients; they’re our neighbours, mates, and kin. This profound connection to the community propels us to contribute in every way we can.


Each individual has their own story, their own journey. At Compcare, we believe in honouring this individuality. Be it acknowledging personal choices, upholding privacy, or ensuring dignity in every interaction, respect is a non-negotiable for us. Every person we serve receives the consideration and esteem they rightly deserve.

Our Commitment

For over three decades, Compcare's dedication has been underpinned by the core principle of genuine care, both in the services we provide and in the relationships we cultivate.

Client-Centric Approach: At the crux of our commitment is the individual. Every care plan is tailored, every response is personalised, and every decision pivots on the unique needs and aspirations of our clients. Their well-being and comfort sit at the heart of our endeavours, and this client-centric approach has shaped our reputation for excellence in domiciliary care.

Continuous Improvement: The realm of care is constantly evolving, and so are we. Compcare is unyielding in its quest to learn, adapt, and advance. From investing in regular training for our team to integrating feedback from clients and their families, we ensure that our services not only meet but surpass current standards.

Local Roots, Broad Reach: Born in Bearsden, our roots are firmly local. This allows us a nuanced understanding of the community we serve. Yet, our aspirations and influence stretch beyond, as we aim to redefine care standards and make a difference to countless lives.

Transparent Communication: We believe in building trust, and this can only be accomplished through open and transparent communication. Our clients and their families are always in the loop, with regular updates, consultations, and open lines for feedback and queries.

Safety First: The safety and security of our clients are paramount. We adhere to stringent safety protocols, run comprehensive background checks on all our staff, and are uncompromising in our adherence to all relevant regulations and standards.

As we reflect on our past and look towards the future, this commitment remains our guiding light, ensuring that Compcare remains synonymous with trust, excellence, and genuine care.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, our goal remains the same: to be a beacon of hope, support, and quality care in Bearsden. We are continuously evolving, adapting to the needs of our community, and ensuring that Compcare remains synonymous with excellence in caregiving.

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